Maui Real Estate Transactions


Mr. and Mrs. D.B., Kihei, Maui
The Millers, Sam and Joe, say, "Live the Dream." Well they sure have made it possible for us to do just that! We've purchased twice and sold once with Sam and Joe as our real estate team. For every step of the way, they were on top of everything we needed to do and were always looking out for our best interest. They go out of their way to do the "little things" (those things that are not little at all) that help with a smooth transition. They certainly are our team and we couldn't feel more lucky.

Dr. & Mrs. L.O., Kihei, Maui
“Sam and Joe are not just good at what they do…they are great! Quality people, quality service and their pairing makes for a quality team. Sam is Ms. Personality-Plus, she goes above and beyond the call to duty. Joe has decades of experience in both construction and realty. You receive twice the care all in one place. No single realtor can do what they do. They have helped me thru several property transactions and are at the top of my list for future real estate needs. I Highly Recommend Team Miller on Maui”. Maui Realtor Joe Miller

Mr. & Mrs. P.W., Wailuku
We just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us to find our new home in Maui.  Your guidance and expertise in all aspects of the process were invaluable to our total experience.  Although we were far away during critical times in the process, we felt at ease knowing that you were there to make sure our best interests were the priority.  But I think what we liked most of all was the personal touch which you provided us from the start and the friendship we have found in both of you.  Now if I can find a way to retire a bit earlier, then we can begin enjoying much more time on the island we love in our own new home.  Looking forward to seeing you in July!  Our warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks to you both.

Ms. B.B., Kihei, Maui
I want you and Joe to know how professional and how focused you two were when the “chips where down”.  You two always show up prepared, business like and are true team players, I would recommend you highly and can not thank you enough.  Not to mention Joe’s tolerance for negotiations to help to finalize the escrow.  You folks are the BEST.  This client has authorized us to mention that she did try one of those For Sale By Owner sites and had nothing but trouble.  Said she would always use a reputable company and agent in the future.

Mr. & Mrs. D.B., Lahaina, Maui
How to explain to others the perfect real estate relationship?  Always up-to-date on all aspects of the sale/purchase.  Never flustered by last minute changes.  Taking care of items usually completely out of the realm of the real estate agent.  Unfailingly willing to go the extra mile for you from arranging movers to locking up your storage facility to arranging for cleaning of your condo/home.  These few words only briefly describe Sam and Joe Miller.  It was our lucky day when we were “accidentally” put in touch with them!  We’ve counted our lucky stars ever since.  They are Maui’s #1 real estate team in our opinion.

Mr. & Mrs. D.W., Kihei, Maui
We came to Maui from Las Vegas looking to buy vacant land in Kihei to one day build our retirement home.   We had already done some research of the vacant lots in the area and had located a lot that had just been listed at Kilohana Ridge that we were interested in making an offer on as soon as possible.    However, we realized we would be best served to have a realtor represent our interests in the purchase process, rather than trying to go it alone in dealing with the seller's agent. 

Luckily, approximately a year earlier, my wife had met Sam & Joe at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas, where my wife was working as a product consultant in the cosmetic department.   She remembered how friendly and pleasant they were and immediately thought about contacting them to represent us as buyers' agents.   It turned out to be a very wise decision, because Sam & Joe helped us conclude the transaction quickly while guiding us through the process, answering any questions or concerns we had about the Kilohana Ridge community, the property, its history, condition, etc., while communicating and keeping us up to date with every detail of the closing process during both our stay in Maui and later upon our return home to Las Vegas. Even after the transaction was long since completed Sam & Joe have gone the extra mile to check on our property, while we are still in Las Vegas.   We have found Sam & Joe not only to be trusted realtors who we would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell property on Maui, but also, we are happy to have found new friends in the process. Maui Realtor Sam Miller

Mr. & Mrs. V.F., Kihei, Maui
Trust is something you earn and not born with.  Joe and Sam in a very short time earned that from me and my wife. Being so far away from home and hoping to sell our house in a very short timeline, Joe and Sam is who God had sent us to be trusted. Their concern for our best interest over shadowed the amount of money they earned. Resilient, can do attitude, caring, are only few things you can hope for that this two gave us. Sometimes in life, the little things is what matters the most. With all the major things they had to do, just being so concerned of our water bill from a water leak in our bathroom to having to mowed the yard when we can't find anyone is what set this two apart from others. We are forever thankful for both. Aloha from Arkansas.

Ms. M.E., Kihei, Maui
I have had the pleasure of working with Sam & Joe Miller over the past year, during the processing of my very challenging short sale.  This process took almost a year and I must commend my excellent realtors for their patience and expertise in all areas of this process.  I could not have hoped for more caring people!  As I have worked with approximately 10 different realtors throughout the last 35 years, I know what great realtors are made of and I feel the Millers are of the highest caliber.  The trust that I had in them is most valuable, as well as my confidence in them, in looking out for my best interests constantly.  Perfect is the word I choose for the Millers!

Mr. & Mrs. C.B., Kihei, Maui
We rolled the dice and found Sam and Joe from their website while living in Kauai.  You could say we rolled a lucky seven.  We wanted to move to Maui but really did not know where to start.  We communicated with Sam and Joe by e-mail and over the phone and finally flew over and met them in person.  They were great, knowing that we had to sell our house in this market and that a sale would be far down the road if at all.  While we were in the process of selling our place in Kauai, Sam and Joe were answering questions, looking at potential properties and keeping us informed on the Maui market.  We sold our home on Kauai and Sam and Joe found us a great place on Maui.  The process and negotiation for our new place on Maui was complicated but Sam and Joe were able get all of our questions answered, concerns resolved and we will be moving into our new place this fall.  We should also mention that they found us a place to rent while our new home was being finished.  Pretty much above and beyond the call of duty.  The bottom line for us is that Sam and Joe are professional, they work hard to get the information needed to make smart decisions and they are darn pleasant to work with.

Mr. C. C. & Mr. G. C. Kihei, Maui
We knew Joe and Sam from a prior transaction and naturally called them to list this sale.  They gave us sound advice on pricing and got us an offer in very short order.  The sale then proceeded to closing with hardly a hitch.  Can’t ask for much more than that!